Monday, June 10, 2013

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Crooked River:
222 CFS

The average size fish seems to be up on the Crooked River. This mostly can be attributed to the fact we have not had a big winter in a few years now so there has not be any prolonged spring releases of water from the reservoir. The spill way has issues, and when the water is released at high flows for long periods in the spring oxygen rich scenarios occur killing off fish. Though the double edge sword here is that we are having dry water years, and this could catch up to us if we don't get a big winter soon. But for now things are good, the water levels are perfect and fish are bigger than usual!

Fishing is good on the river, though we are in between hatches for the most part. There are still some Mother's Day Caddis around but they are fading fast. We should start seeing some PMD's and Glossama Caddis showing soon. These hatches are a daily occurrence through most of the summer.

The caddis start coming off in the AM, fish a size 12-14 Tan or Brown Hi Viz Elk Hair or Partridge Caddis, maybe with a dropper  early. Look for the PMD hatch in the afternoon.

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Deschutes River:
4200 CFS

The Salmonfly hatch is almost over on the Deschutes. There are still a few bugs around on the upper section of river between Warm Springs and Trout Creek. The trout are still keyed in on them and there are not as many naturals to compete with. So you can still have good luck fishing the big bugs in certain spots.

For the most part though it is caddis time!
And one of my favorite times to fish the Deschutes.  
Time for stalking big fish in back eddies, under trees, and along the many banks of the Deschutes!

Tan and Green Elk Hair Caddis, X-Caddis, Sparkle Pupa, etc... in sizes 14-18 are all good this time of year.  Be real observant as a big fish's rise to a caddis can be very small leaving only a dimple in the surface. Don't pass up fishing to any working fish your find, especially in the back eddies!

Summer camp trips on the Deschutes are a blast this time of year. Hot summer days are spent wet wading, fishing, and swimming in the river! Warm nights are spent gazing at the stars and enjoying the commaraderie of your fellow anglers...

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