Friday, June 26, 2009

Deschutes River Fly Fishing-Warm Springs to Trout Creek


Warm Springs-Trout Creek

There are still a few golden stones around. If you want to catch fish up top on Stoneflies you can, but not for long. We spent most of the day nymphing with excellent results. Many large redsides to hand, the crowds were fairly light. Look for the caddis and pmd's to become the main food source now.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Deschutes River Trout Creek-Maupin


Trout Creek-Maupin

The salmon fly hatch is about over on this stretch. We were able to catch some fish on the big bugs in the beginning of the float. But the action slowed down as we progressed downstream, with last fish being caught on a stonefly dry at Whitehorse. Below, the best action came nymphing. With small copper johns, caddis pupae, etc.. producing best. For the dry fly purists we are in between hatches at this point. There are a few caddis around and with overcast weather you can expect some mayfly hatches. Within a week or two the caddis will become more abundant and become the main food source for the fish. Dry fly fishing with elk hairs and x-caddis on the banks and in the riffles will be most productive.


Sunday, June 14, 2009



Fished with Dan Rockey and crew.. We weren't the only ones on the river this day. Fishing was still good though will everyone having opportunities for fish. High rod was probably a dozen or so. Had some great back eddy action during lunch. Fishing small soft hackles and emergers in the surface film. Rest of the fish were caught on Stone dries.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trout Creek-Maupin


With a week of thunder storms, and big rains I had my doubts about this trip. Especially since they were calling for more of the same for the first day. As we launched things looked promising, with blue skys, warm temps, big bugs, and willing fish. After lunch we noticed ominous clouds to our South. Within minutes, we were engulfed in a wicked thunder and wind storm that produced dust clouds, and snapped tree limbs filling the river with debris and sent us seeking refuge to ride it out! As a result of the storms the river level rose and muddied a bit. Fishing was a affected a bit on the next day as the fish acclimated to the change. By day three, the water cleared and dropped and the fish were up on top again looking for the big bugs. We did noticed the numbers of stoneflies diminish as we got closer to Maupin, mainly seeing goldens, and not many in the grass. This section of river is past the peek and slowing down, but the stonefly hatch is still in full affect up higher!