Thursday, May 16, 2013

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports

Deschutes River:
4460 CFS

The big bugs are out all the way to Warm Springs. Fish are starting to key in on them up top, though this cooler weather seems to have slowed things down a bit.

Flows are perfect and the fishing should only get better. Fish numbers seem to be good but not all known spots are holding fish as some fish are on Reds spawning. Be aware of wading and fishing on gravel bars, as this where spawning activity is happening. Stick to dry fly fishing as well to avoid picking up spawners.

Look for bank lines, and areas behind Alder trees where Salmonflies congregate in the branches and fall or are blown into the river. Trout move to the banks in anticipation of this windfall!

The crowds have not shown up yet, but they will as word is out the hatch is on. Everyone play nice out there, take care, be safe and tight lines!

River Borne Outfitters offers guided Deschutes fly fishing day trips and Overnight camp out adventures during the Salmonfly and Caddis hatches.

Call now to book one of our few remaining Salmonfly Dates 
541-647-2584 You can also find more information on our  Deschutes River Fly Fishing  page on our website!

 Crooked River:

 226 CFS

The Crooked River is in shape and fishing well. The Mothers Day Caddis (American Grannoms) hatch is happening now. A size 14-16 Brown or Peacock bodied Hi Vis Caddis works for well for this hatch. I love fishing a dry dropper combo on this river so try dropping of a small Zebra Midge or micro mayfly, or caddis pupae pattern off of your dry fly and see what happens.

When fishing the dry- dropper combo make sure to drop your bottom fly at least 24" or more off your point fly and select a combination that is sized appropriately. Meaning don't fish a dropper so big that it is drowning you point fly!

For more information on the Crooked River including our guide trip options give us a call or
Or check out our Crooked River Guided Fly Fishing Trips on our website!

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