Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Deschutes River:

4350 CFS

The Deschutes Salmonfly hatch is going on now! Fishing is good as result. The hatch seems a bit light this year, but there are enough bug to get the fish looking up! We are seeing more bugs and bigger fish from Whitehorse upsteam, though there are bugs (though fewer) and good fishing still down river to Maupin. To target fish eating the Salmonflies focus on rip rap banks, and behind alders, and along bank lines. Fish big Chubby Chernobyls (Sz.8) in the heavy water on the rip rap, try smaller patterns like the Clark Stone in the calmer spots behind the trees and along the banks. Fish are getting pressured now so switch up your patterns and lighten your leaders if your getting refusals.

We are also picking up fish in back eddies and feeding lanes on small PMDs and X-Caddis patterns.

I expect the fishing to be good for another week or two on the big bugs and then transition to caddis after that. Last year we had great caddis fishing in late June and July.

We still have availability for day and overnight camp trips on the Deschutes this season. July is one of my favorite months to be on the river.

Fishing is still good and the angling pressure is a bit lighter after the Salmonfly craziness. Warm temps equal wet wading, and caddis fly swarms and some great dry fly fishing!

Camping is exquisite with warm summer evenings and long days and river to always cool off in.
If you are looking to experience the Deschutes River give us a call and book a Deschutes River Guided Fly Fishing Trip for the day, or two, or three!

Crooked River:
246 CFS

The Crooked continues to fish great! The Mothers Day Caddis (Grannoms) are out and fish are taking dry flies on the surface most of the day. The peak caddis activity though is in the afternoon.

We fish a lot of dry-dropper set ups this time of year. With a hi viz Brown or Black Caddis on point, with a small PT or Caddis Pupae pattern as a dropper. Fish are picked up on both through out the day.

Redside trout continue to spawn this month.  Watch out and stay away from any spawning beds you see or you think you see. There is a huge problem on the Crooked with people actually fishing Redds (trout spawning beds). We see people, accidentally and sometimes not, fishing or walking through   Redds all the time. This is just plan wrong! Keep an eye out for and stay off any gravel that is 1" or less in diameter. Redds can be identified is these areas and are usually lighter in color than the surrounding gravel. Any fish seen with in these areas are most likely in the act of spawning.

 If you would like a Crooked River Guide Trip or would like more info on fishing the Crooked River gives us a call at 541-647-2584!