Friday, August 21, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report 8/18-8/22

Just got back from three tough days of steelhead fishing. With record counts over the dams, and reports of good fishing I had high expectations. On the first I day did a float with the patient angler and co. He had been there for the two days prior and had yet to touch a fish, not a good sign. We did not improve the score this day. On the next day I did a guided trip with some boys from Texas. A fish was hooked and lost in the AM on a spinner,and that was it. On day three I met up with Sam, for my first opportunity to take a ride in his new boat a 20' Super Vee. We hooked up early then nothing the rest of the day. Saw a few caught by the side planers at that was it. Sam's command of the boat, and knowledge of the lower river is exceptional. He is very excited to put his new ride to work! With the exceptional numbers of fish, all we need is a little cool weather to bust things wide open. When that happens you can bet Sam will be ready, willing and able to take you to the fish in style! If your interested get a hold of us and we'll set it up.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Deschutes Steelhead Report 8-10-09's official! There are many steelhead in the river and they are active. I have been fishing below Macks Canyon for the last couple of weeks and dispite the high water temps and the crowds we are finding fish. The offical count is 9 for 13 on trip 1 and 6 for 6 trip 2. As to be expected the big fish trip was fishing out of the sled.
Water temps are in the high sixties but the fish don't seem to care one bit, in fact we have even been skating some fish up. No one fly has seemed to matter as long as they are sparse. Sink tips and big stuff have produced zero. Evenings and morning are most productive as would be expected but we have hit several fish on the surface into the middle of the day.
This is the best early fishing I have seen in ten years. I hope to see you below Macks this summer and fall.