Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Report


Crooked River:

The Crooked continues to fish well. Hatches of caddis and PMD's provide dry fly action most days.
The fish are in good shape with larger fish to 14" starting to show in our catches!

Deschutes River:


The trout fishing has been good on the Deschutes. Morning and evenings are best for dry fly fishing, but fish can be found mid day as well. Look for lazy "sips" in the shaded back eddies and foam lines. Big fish can leave surprisingly small dimples in the surface as they suck down dead caddis and spinners!

This time of year offers up some of the most technical dry fly fishing of the season on the Deschutes, and is my favorite time to stalk elusive trout! The fish are skittish and opportunities are few. But the reward is often a big, fat "Redside" trout on a dry fly!


There are catch able numbers of steelhead below Macks Canyon now. And fish have been caught all the way up to Trout Creek if you can believe it. People are hypothesizing that fish are moving up the river quicker in search of colder water! Should make for some interesting trout trips for the next month or so up higher as the incidental steelhead hook up is a definite possibility!