Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crooked River Fly Fishing Report


Don't call it a come back, or... maybe you should for the Crooked is fishing well!

After a high water event a few years ago caused rampant gas bubble disease, and a major fish kill, the population of wild Redband trout has rebounded quiet successfully.

The whitefish population seems to be in check, (which was not the case over the last few years) with the catch being more trout than whities. The whitefish are spawning right now so look to fish small egg patterns, or even orange scuds, with a micro mayfly or midge dropper.  Fish can be taken on top with small (18-20) Blue Wing Olive and midge patterns.

River Borne Outfitters has recently acquired a permit to guide on the Crooked, and we are now offering half and full day walk in trips on the Crooked River all year round!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Deschutes Steelhead Report 10/29/09

Warm Springs-Trout Creek

Every year I try and get in a float on the day stretch before they close the Indian side (closes October 31st) We usually get a fish or two, enjoy the day and say goodbye to some of our favorite runs until next year. Well this year was no exception, except that the fishing was off the hook! It was the best day I have every had on this stretch. Fitting climax for an unbelievable season. We hooked 15 steelhead, and one Jack chinook (which was the surprise of the day), between two of us! This section of river has seen a recent push of 1 salt fish into the area. As most of the fish caught were 24" cookie cutters, all were fairly bright for this time of year. We did catch a couple of 2 salt fish that were darker and looked like they had been there for awhile. Another note on the day that added to the perfection was the lack of crowds, we were one of two drifters, and one pontoon guy. We had every run to ourselves that we wanted to fish! This was a far cry to the week prior, fished this stretch during the same day of the week, and you needed to bring your own rock to find a spot. You just never know, but that's the beauty of steelheading, you just gotta keep at it and eventually the stars align, and you hit just right and then it's on!

Tight lines, and I hope to see you on the water
(just not in one of my favorite runs!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report 10/24/09

Warm Springs-Maupin

Fishing has improved since the water level increase a week ago put the fish off the bite. Water temps are still above 50 degrees. The river was very busy though, especially for the mid week. Trips earlier were less busy with better fishing, you never know though. Its seems that some days everybody calls in sick at the same time! Look for fishing to stay good through the Month and in to November.  Remember that the reservation side of the river between Warm Springs and Trout Creek closes October 31st, and the whole section of the river bordering the reservation closes for trout on the 31st. We will be offering guided drift and jet boat trips through November so if you haven't got your steelhead fix yet give us a call!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Macks to the Mouth 15-18 October

Higher water levels in October are par for the course on the Deschutes.  Clarity is good and water temps are in the low 50's.  We have been catching fish dispite the change in river flow.  We ended up with 8 fish in 3 days with the highest production day being yesterday afternoon.  The good news is the fish we have been catching are quality natives.  The landing rate is about 30% for this trip and out of the 8 only one was a hatchery.  We get a big push of large steelhead in the lower river each October.  Fishing by sled from Mack's Canyon can put you all by yourself in a matter of minutes.  Look forward to seeing you!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report 10/11/09

Trout Creek- Maupin

Fishing is excellent in this stretch of river right now. The bulk of the run seems to be above Maupin now, though there still is some good fishing to be had lower. We were seeing  more two salt fish on this trip, with more than a few fish caught between 28-30 inches. Water temps are starting to drop a bit, last temp I took was about 52 degrees +/-, fish are still being taken on top with quite a bit of regularity. If you have been wanting to catch a steelhead on a skater, this is the time to try! When the temps get below fifty degrees sink tips and leaches are best.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Deschutes River Fishing Report 10/5/09

Just finished taking a weekend off with a couple pals celebrating somebodies 40th birthday.  Fishing was incredible.  Hooked many fish despite the extreme windstorm that left the Deschutes River Canyon blocked in by a cloud of dust.  Water temps were hovering around 55 degrees and the air temp was in the 60's most of the weekend.  For those who could bare the wind there were some very grabby fish around.  Total encounters of the fishy kind was well into the thirties with three guys fishing.  With the cloud cover we fished dry lines most of the time.  The Chinook above came courtesy of the The Lady Caroline on a dry line swing.  Fishing was so good we didn't leave the canyon until dark.  We still have a couple opening in October and hope you can make it down this season.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report- 9/30/09

Just got off another 3 day trip. Fishing started off hot, as we hooked fish in our first 4 out of 5 stops. Then the weather changed a bit, and the bite slowed we were suspecting an unstable barometer to be the culprit. Or maybe we angered the steelheading gods by scoffing at how easy steelhead fishing was becoming. Any ways it was looking to be an average trip as far as numbers goes, the count at 1:00 o'clock on our last day stood at 4 for 5 fish. Then it busted wide open and we managed to hook seven fish in matter of four hours. At one point having a double hook up! Fishing ranged from average to excellent depending on what section of river we were in. Look for the fish to spread out more evenly through October. Water temps are still ideal for dry lines, though the fish we caught were on tips and leaches mainly because these setups were easy casting in the ever present wind.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report 9-23-09

Hi all.  Just got done with a 6 day tour on the lower river.  Conditions varied by the day.  Fishing was solid given the constantly changing visibility and record anglers below Mack's Canyon.  The White River continues to wreak havoc on fly fisherman.  Knowing where there are always fish is a big help when visibilty is low.  We found fish each day some more than others.  Dry lines were effective in the mornings and evenings and we found fish mid day with sink tips.  Fishing from a sled helped us focus in on open water either in front of or in back of the crowds.  I expect lot's of traffic this year given the record returns  As of Tuesday the river has cleared to about 3 feet of visibility.  Looking forward to an outstanding fall on the upper and lower Deschutes.  We look forward to fishing with you this fall.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report 9-7-09

Fished from the sled Sunday Monday. River condition was less than clear but fished well. Water temperatures dropped from 61 to 58 on Monday. Drifters made up most of our company for the weekend so most runs were available at one time or another. Sunday was incredible with high winds and overcast skies we raised many fish...almost exclusively on dry line swings. Monday was great, the skies cleared a little and we found many fish on dry lines and sink tips. Sunday we found mostly natives:), Monday mostly hatchery fish. The big fish are coming early this year my count was 4 fish over 32". SEE THE LINK BELOW FOR PHOTOS!

The white river is still puking mud but there isn't enough volume to put the river down. Nights are becoming chilly and with luck as fall approaches so do lower freezing levels. Looks like clear sailing.

The steelhead returns will break the 1999 record. As of this week year to date numbers are 140% of 1999. We look forward to lots of drift boat and sled trip on the upper and lower river this fall.

Please drop us a line to check available opening.

Riverborne Outfiters

Friday, September 4, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report 9-3-09 (late)

Deschutes Fishing Report 9-3-09
Sorry for the lapse in reports. Been fishin'. The White has been a pain. That being said we have been hitting fish...that's right dry line and sinktips 50/50. Don't be discouraged there are lots of fish in the river and they are biters. Crowds will move upriver after labor day, they always do. We still have some opening for late September and spread out through October. Pick your pleasure, driftboat or sled.

Look forward to seeing you, will post a better report Tuesday.

Tight lines,


Friday, August 21, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report 8/18-8/22

Just got back from three tough days of steelhead fishing. With record counts over the dams, and reports of good fishing I had high expectations. On the first I day did a float with the patient angler and co. He had been there for the two days prior and had yet to touch a fish, not a good sign. We did not improve the score this day. On the next day I did a guided trip with some boys from Texas. A fish was hooked and lost in the AM on a spinner,and that was it. On day three I met up with Sam, for my first opportunity to take a ride in his new boat a 20' Super Vee. We hooked up early then nothing the rest of the day. Saw a few caught by the side planers at that was it. Sam's command of the boat, and knowledge of the lower river is exceptional. He is very excited to put his new ride to work! With the exceptional numbers of fish, all we need is a little cool weather to bust things wide open. When that happens you can bet Sam will be ready, willing and able to take you to the fish in style! If your interested get a hold of us and we'll set it up.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Deschutes Steelhead Report 8-10-09's official! There are many steelhead in the river and they are active. I have been fishing below Macks Canyon for the last couple of weeks and dispite the high water temps and the crowds we are finding fish. The offical count is 9 for 13 on trip 1 and 6 for 6 trip 2. As to be expected the big fish trip was fishing out of the sled.
Water temps are in the high sixties but the fish don't seem to care one bit, in fact we have even been skating some fish up. No one fly has seemed to matter as long as they are sparse. Sink tips and big stuff have produced zero. Evenings and morning are most productive as would be expected but we have hit several fish on the surface into the middle of the day.
This is the best early fishing I have seen in ten years. I hope to see you below Macks this summer and fall.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Reports


Trout Creek-Maupin

I just spent the last six out of seven days on the river. Fishing has ranged from to good to lights out. The best fishing was had on the hotter days, stalking rising trout in the back eddies, riffles, and on the banks. Look for sipping trout early in all areas feeding on dead bugs. Caddis are in effect, but we are not at the peek yet. Elk Hair Caddis, X-Caddis, and Sparkle puppas have been top producers. Fishing should only get better, fishing pressure is light, but rafting traffic is starting to pick up.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Deschutes River Fly Fishing-Warm Springs to Trout Creek


Warm Springs-Trout Creek

There are still a few golden stones around. If you want to catch fish up top on Stoneflies you can, but not for long. We spent most of the day nymphing with excellent results. Many large redsides to hand, the crowds were fairly light. Look for the caddis and pmd's to become the main food source now.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Deschutes River Trout Creek-Maupin


Trout Creek-Maupin

The salmon fly hatch is about over on this stretch. We were able to catch some fish on the big bugs in the beginning of the float. But the action slowed down as we progressed downstream, with last fish being caught on a stonefly dry at Whitehorse. Below, the best action came nymphing. With small copper johns, caddis pupae, etc.. producing best. For the dry fly purists we are in between hatches at this point. There are a few caddis around and with overcast weather you can expect some mayfly hatches. Within a week or two the caddis will become more abundant and become the main food source for the fish. Dry fly fishing with elk hairs and x-caddis on the banks and in the riffles will be most productive.


Sunday, June 14, 2009



Fished with Dan Rockey and crew.. We weren't the only ones on the river this day. Fishing was still good though will everyone having opportunities for fish. High rod was probably a dozen or so. Had some great back eddy action during lunch. Fishing small soft hackles and emergers in the surface film. Rest of the fish were caught on Stone dries.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trout Creek-Maupin


With a week of thunder storms, and big rains I had my doubts about this trip. Especially since they were calling for more of the same for the first day. As we launched things looked promising, with blue skys, warm temps, big bugs, and willing fish. After lunch we noticed ominous clouds to our South. Within minutes, we were engulfed in a wicked thunder and wind storm that produced dust clouds, and snapped tree limbs filling the river with debris and sent us seeking refuge to ride it out! As a result of the storms the river level rose and muddied a bit. Fishing was a affected a bit on the next day as the fish acclimated to the change. By day three, the water cleared and dropped and the fish were up on top again looking for the big bugs. We did noticed the numbers of stoneflies diminish as we got closer to Maupin, mainly seeing goldens, and not many in the grass. This section of river is past the peek and slowing down, but the stonefly hatch is still in full affect up higher!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deschutes River Warm Springs-Trout Creek


Fishing is Good! Started out great with a large Redside to the net at the first stop, followed by a few missed opportunities. A bit of a mid day lull was followed with some more good fishing. All fish were caught on top with adult stonefly patterns, except for one that took a small PMD.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Warm Springs-Trout Creek


Fishing is good! Salmon Flies are out and fish are taking drys on the surface. Nymphing works also, small stuff still most productive, but fish are being taken on large stone nymphs. These work best early and late in the day!