Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Deschutes River: 4600 CFS
The Deschutes is on the rise right now... Irrigation season draws to a close October 15th. Look for water levels to increase as they shut the canals down for the season. Water levels usually stabilize a day or two after the 15th.

Steelhead- Steelhead are spread throughout the river. This season seems to about average. Catch rates very by day, but for the most part you have to work for your fish. Good numbers of fish are still moving over Shears Falls. The run is a bit late in getting up river. I anticipate the fishing to really turn on upriver from now through November. Rising water levels can affect the bite, check before your trip and plan accordingly! The reservation side from  Dry Creek to Trout Creek closes October 31st. The river bordering the reservation on the right side closes December 31st.

We still have availability for day and multi day, drift boat trips for Steelhead in October and November. It's still not too late to get in a trip on the upper river, and for what looks to be the best fishing of the season!

Trout- We have been seeing some very large trout this fall. A lot of our upriver trips are combo trout/steelhead trips. We target both species nymphing, and been catching some trout over 20" of late! These fish are fat to boot! There are caddis, October Caddis, and mayfly hatches this time of year.

Crooked River: 254 CFS

The Crooked is at very nice level for fishing right now, and fishing has been great! There are large numbers of fish available. Most average on the smaller size, but we are seeing some bigger fish as well! Focus your efforts on the pocket water while nymphing. High stick small micro may fly patterns, Copper Johns, Scuds, etc.. Make sure and adjust your indicator fairly short (2-3') from your flies. Good BWO's hatches are coming off as well. Small Parachute Adams and Purple Hazes will catch fish up top!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Deschutes and Crooked River Trout Reports


Deschutes River
Floated Warm Springs to Trout Creek yesterday. Fishing was pretty good for August! Not much dry fly activity, sparse caddis hatches, but nymphing really produced. Copper Johns, sz#12 and smaller micro mayfly and caddis droppers were the ticket. A client of mine even landed a legitimate 20" fish, and some nice 16-18" fish.
We are still booking day and half day floats from Warm Springs to Trout Creek for trout. The river is pretty much empty, except for the rafters and fishing is not bad!

Crooked River

The Crooked is fishing good as well. The average size and numbers are down this year, but there are still plenty of fish. There has been a very consistent PMD hatch coming over in the after noon. Otherwise nymph the pocket water with the little stuff.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deschutes Steelhead Update

I've been on the river a lot this month.  There have been fish around since early in July, but few and far between.  Each week results improve over the prior week.  We were two for three last weekend with two rods fishing very hard.  Friday we landed one fish with one rod fishing very casually.  Water temps hovered between 66 & 67 degrees mid day at rivermile 8.  The Pelton project continues baffle most of us, stay tuned for a later update.

As far as expectations and tactics, it's late July moving into August.  Mornings and evenings are your best shot at swung fish.  I like dry line fishing this time of year but when the going gets tough the tough go sink tips.  Don't be afraid to skate a fly in the right water.  I have seen fish refuse dry line offerings, and big sink tip offerings, then absolutely destroy a skater.  I like Morrish's Pom Skater but a nice Muddler will do the trick.  Dry line bugs are diverse but I like something purple with a chartreuse rear end...most importantly tied sparse try the Ace in the Hole from Idylwilde with a Pumpkin Pie for a come back fly.  Sink tips I like the same theme, something big, purple or black tied sparse, I like the Hobo Spey and Silvey's Tandem Tube.  Water temps will dictate policy for the next 30 days.  Despite seasonally cool weather and higher river flows we have a Deschutes with warmer water than the Columbia, translated, fewer strays into the lower 24.  But hey if you like steelheading then you know, you get what you get!  We will show up making reports not following them.  Summer fishing is fun, it's warm, and the fish are smokin' hot.

We are running sled trips all summer as well as three day float trips for Steelhead between Heritage and Macks Canyon. For those not ready to stop stalking trout Warm Springs to Trout creek is a great day float and stalking fish is still on!

Visit us at www.riverborneoutfitters.com

See you on the river,


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Deschutes River - 4610 CFS


It's Caddis time on the Deschutes. Craneflies and Aquatic Moths are present as well. But Caddis make up the bulk of the fish's diet this time of year. Mornings and Evenings are best for dry fly fishing. Though riffles and shaded back eddies will fish on top all day long. Nymph mid day other wise. Tan and Green X-Caddis sz. 14-18, Elk Hair Caddis, X-2 Caddis, and Tan and Green Sparkle Puppae are all excellent flies this time of year.  Productive nymphs include PT's sz12-18, Prince nymphs, micro mayfly patterns, Fox Puppae, Silvey Puppae patterns, soft hackles, etc..


The Columbia is running high and cold, delaying the steelhead run this year.  Though numbers are picking up over the dams and fishing is improving in the lower 24 miles of river. Water temps in the Deschutes are already on the high side.  Stay tuned for an update on this potential issue...

Crooked River - 314 CFS

The high water this winter has had an impact on this fishery. Fish numbers are down as a result of an apparent fish kill from Gas Bubble disease (from having a oxygen rich environment, a result of the prolonged high water)  Though it doesn't seem to be as bad as 2006 when the same scenerio occurred.

And the fishing is actually pretty good, average fish size is down, but you can catch a lot of them. The numbers of bigger fish are down, but we are starting to see a few larger fish show up in the catch!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Deschutes Steelhead Camp!

River Borne Outfitters is happy to announce limited opening for the best Steelhead Camp on the Deschutes River. Our camp is fixed and set up for two ten day slots from August 1 through August 10th and August 29 through September 7th. Trips include single or dual occupancy tents, cots, sleeping pads, and a sheltered dining area. You will taxi up and the down the river in one of two 20 foot Alumaweld Super Vee jet sleds. All trips initiate from Heritage boat ramp on the mouth of the Deschutes River. Openings are slotted to maximize your fishing opportunities. Trips are two days but it feels like three. Your trip will start at 1:00 PM at the boat ramp on day one. We will ascend several class three rapids including Moody, Rattlesnake, Colorado, Gordon Ridge, and Washout on our way to camp. After we drop off our gear it is off to fishing. Camp will be set on some of the best steelhead water the Deschutes has to offer. Your next day is a full day interrupted only by Brunch and Dinner. On day three we will fish hard until brunch, then work our way down river. Our goal will be to get you back to Heritage Boat ramp around Noon. In total you will have two evening sessions, and two morning sessions with one uninterrupted day of fishing. 

Our guides are expert boat handlers, Spey casters and Steelhead Anglers. Sled Camp guides are Matt McCrarry and myself. Anglers are welcome to fish their own rods. In the event you want to fish our stuff, both boats are armed with an arsenal of Winston Spey Rods. Our camp host will make sure that you are well accommodated with a first class camp and plenty of good food. A list of recommended items for overnight guided trips can be found here: www.riverborneoutfitters.com

Pricing is $800 per person, minimum of two anglers and maximum of six. We hope to see you this summer on the best trip for two handed anglers.

Contact me directly for current availability.


Sam Sickles
c 541-521-9054
o 541-400-9602

Friday, June 10, 2011

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

Just spent the last eight out of ten days on the river. Salmonflies are still out all the way to Maupin. Fishing with the big bugs is best above Whitehorse. Fish are still taking them lower, but there are fewer bugs and fish are gorged. They are also starting to key in on other smaller offerings (PMD's, Drakes, Little Olive Sallies, etc..) The hot and or over cast days were best. Good hatches of PMDs and Green Drakes also occurred. River traffic on this section has been light for this time of year. Water conditions are high, but stable. The abundance of water, and the light pressure has me looking forward to the rest of the summer, the fishing should be great!

We still have availability for late June and July Caddis trips!

Let us know if you would like to get in on the second part of the trout season, where the river is usually even less crowded and the fishing is still great!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warm Springs to Trout Creek Report

Deschutes salmonfly action is in full swing and the fish are eagerly attacking anything that resembles a salmonfly when presented the right way in the right water.  Don't let the higher than average water levels be a deterant, you just may need to adjust a bit on some of your favorite spots as they may be deeper and less accessible than normal.  We are starting to see the switch to Goldens but fish are still taking adult salmonfly patterns; have both in your arsenal.  Be sure you are fishing 3x or heavier tippet as these fish are violent on the strike and often times will take you on a long powerful run once hooked; they are not leader shy!  As usual fishing is more successfull in the harder to reach places that we so kindly refer to as 'jungle water'!  Don't be in a hurry to race to the likely spots, fish are feeding all over the river so venture out to spots you may not normally fish as you may be pleasantly surprised.  Be sure to switch your patterns regularly if you are not getting activity as this can often be the difference between fishing and catching!  If nymphing is your thing it too is extremely productive right now with stonefly patterns rolled along the bottom of the riffles and typical nymph water.  You will want a little more weight than normal as the higher flows have the river moving along at a pretty good pace.  In terms of where to go, you will find active fish in all stretches of water from Maupin to Warm Springs.  Right now is that magic time of year that we get to pitch two inch long dry flys at the most aggressive fish of the year.  Leave the yard work for later in the month, this doesn't last forever!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Warm Springs to Trout Creek Week One May 2011

The river is empty and at first appearance, void of life.  It sort of feels like November with the monochromatic look and feel of fall and winter to follow.  In all reality it's spring.  The upper, upper river has dropped from 6000 to 5600 cfs, an alarming 1000 cfs over it's median flow for this time of year.  Water clarity is about 12 inches or less.  Noticeable is the absence of any insect activity but something is going on as swallows dance in the sky about one hundred feet over head.

It's been a long cold and wet winter even in Hood River.  This time of year the weather usually breaks just west of town and we have sunshine...not this year.  I've seen the sun four or five time in the last 5 months so when the sun came out last Sunday we strapped up the Willie and headed to Warm Springs.  Our launch time was intentionally late ensuring we would get to fish the spots most likely to give up fish at these seasonably high flows.  The first run we stopped at was sterile and I thought, here we go again!  Second stop gave up a couple and I actually broke one off, an obvious sign I've been fishing 15# maxima the last 5 months.  The day ended up solid with many redsides to hand and a couple of bruisers that left my 4x in the dust.

I could ramble on and on but the jest of it is this.  It's spring and if you fly fish, the Deschutes is the place to be in Oregon until sometime in early November.  In another week or two we will start seeing Stones and Salmon Flies, and be working Multi Day trips on the river (still some limited availability) but for now the river is empty  except for these

So for the report;-)  Fished Sunday and Thursday last week.  Fishing is solid but it's nymphing the bigger stuff under an indicator in the slack water.  I will say despite the high flows fish are in hot pursuit of the fly should you put it near them.  One spot in particular has pushed double digits both trips.

See you out there.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Report


Middle Deschutes:

They have opened the canals for the season! The river below Bend is now at an ideal flow for fly fishing. This is great time of year to fish the middle Deschutes. Look for BWO's and March Brown hatches midday. Many Stonefly nymphs are present, and the trout are noticing. We have been having some good times fishing locally for Browns and Rainbows to 17 inches!

Lower Deschutes: 5970 CFS

The river bordering the Warm Springs Reservation opens to fishing next Saturday, April 23rd!
The section of river below the reservation is open year around.

The lower is still a bit on the high side, but good fishing can still be found. Hatches of BWO's and March Browns are starting to get the fish's attention, look for midday hatches for dry action, especially in the back eddies and flats. High water has fish pushed to the banks as well. Try nymphing early and late in the day with stoneflies and haresears and PT nymphs. Soft hackles can be productive as well.

We are still booking Deschutes River, day and multi day Salmonfly and Caddis trout trips. If you haven't gotten around to it, book your Salmonfly hatch now to reserve your spot during the best trout fishing of the year! Call 541-647-2584 to book a trip or for more info

Crooked River: 986 CFS

The Crooked is still running too high for good fishing. The river has been high and un-fishable for most of the winter. Look for fishing to be excellent once flows come below 300-400 cfs. The Mothers Day Caddis hatch is very prolific on this river and I anticipate some great fishing once the river reaches its summer time flows

Monday, January 31, 2011

Crooked River and Winter Steelhead Fishing Reports


Its been a while since our last report...

The Crooked River:

They have been letting water out of the reservoir for the last two weeks blowing the Crooked out.
The water is on the drop now though, look for it to fish well once it drops below 200 cfs. Nymphing small eggs patterns, orange scuds, midge and micro may fly patterns works best.

 We offer  guided trips on the Crooked this time year so if your looking to be shown the ends and outs of this great winter trout fishery give us a call!

Winter Steelhead:

The Oregon winter steelhead season is in full swing. And the crowds show that people know it! The fishing has been slow-good depending on when and where you are fishing. My favorite time to fish for winter fish though is later in the run, late Feb, March and April. The crowds seem to thin out some as anglers turn their attention towards spring salmon, and the weather gets more consistent. Also the bulk of the wild fish return at this time and they make for better fly quarry, as they tend to be more aggressive towards a swung fly.