Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deschutes Steelhead Update

I've been on the river a lot this month.  There have been fish around since early in July, but few and far between.  Each week results improve over the prior week.  We were two for three last weekend with two rods fishing very hard.  Friday we landed one fish with one rod fishing very casually.  Water temps hovered between 66 & 67 degrees mid day at rivermile 8.  The Pelton project continues baffle most of us, stay tuned for a later update.

As far as expectations and tactics, it's late July moving into August.  Mornings and evenings are your best shot at swung fish.  I like dry line fishing this time of year but when the going gets tough the tough go sink tips.  Don't be afraid to skate a fly in the right water.  I have seen fish refuse dry line offerings, and big sink tip offerings, then absolutely destroy a skater.  I like Morrish's Pom Skater but a nice Muddler will do the trick.  Dry line bugs are diverse but I like something purple with a chartreuse rear end...most importantly tied sparse try the Ace in the Hole from Idylwilde with a Pumpkin Pie for a come back fly.  Sink tips I like the same theme, something big, purple or black tied sparse, I like the Hobo Spey and Silvey's Tandem Tube.  Water temps will dictate policy for the next 30 days.  Despite seasonally cool weather and higher river flows we have a Deschutes with warmer water than the Columbia, translated, fewer strays into the lower 24.  But hey if you like steelheading then you know, you get what you get!  We will show up making reports not following them.  Summer fishing is fun, it's warm, and the fish are smokin' hot.

We are running sled trips all summer as well as three day float trips for Steelhead between Heritage and Macks Canyon. For those not ready to stop stalking trout Warm Springs to Trout creek is a great day float and stalking fish is still on!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Deschutes River - 4610 CFS


It's Caddis time on the Deschutes. Craneflies and Aquatic Moths are present as well. But Caddis make up the bulk of the fish's diet this time of year. Mornings and Evenings are best for dry fly fishing. Though riffles and shaded back eddies will fish on top all day long. Nymph mid day other wise. Tan and Green X-Caddis sz. 14-18, Elk Hair Caddis, X-2 Caddis, and Tan and Green Sparkle Puppae are all excellent flies this time of year.  Productive nymphs include PT's sz12-18, Prince nymphs, micro mayfly patterns, Fox Puppae, Silvey Puppae patterns, soft hackles, etc..


The Columbia is running high and cold, delaying the steelhead run this year.  Though numbers are picking up over the dams and fishing is improving in the lower 24 miles of river. Water temps in the Deschutes are already on the high side.  Stay tuned for an update on this potential issue...

Crooked River - 314 CFS

The high water this winter has had an impact on this fishery. Fish numbers are down as a result of an apparent fish kill from Gas Bubble disease (from having a oxygen rich environment, a result of the prolonged high water)  Though it doesn't seem to be as bad as 2006 when the same scenerio occurred.

And the fishing is actually pretty good, average fish size is down, but you can catch a lot of them. The numbers of bigger fish are down, but we are starting to see a few larger fish show up in the catch!