Monday, January 31, 2011

Crooked River and Winter Steelhead Fishing Reports


Its been a while since our last report...

The Crooked River:

They have been letting water out of the reservoir for the last two weeks blowing the Crooked out.
The water is on the drop now though, look for it to fish well once it drops below 200 cfs. Nymphing small eggs patterns, orange scuds, midge and micro may fly patterns works best.

 We offer  guided trips on the Crooked this time year so if your looking to be shown the ends and outs of this great winter trout fishery give us a call!

Winter Steelhead:

The Oregon winter steelhead season is in full swing. And the crowds show that people know it! The fishing has been slow-good depending on when and where you are fishing. My favorite time to fish for winter fish though is later in the run, late Feb, March and April. The crowds seem to thin out some as anglers turn their attention towards spring salmon, and the weather gets more consistent. Also the bulk of the wild fish return at this time and they make for better fly quarry, as they tend to be more aggressive towards a swung fly.