Friday, July 10, 2015

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Deschutes River: 3930 CFS

The Deschutes is fishing good to excellent right now for trout above Maupin up to Warm Springs.
The heat has really got the caddis hatching and provided some great dry fly fishing of late.

When the day time temps are 90 and above you can expect to see a lot of caddis, and find fish looking up. The caddis take is subtle one, as trout position themselves is calm feeding lanes, tail outs, and back eddies lazily sipping dead spent caddis. Splashy rises tend to be smaller fish trying there best to catch adult caddis flying about.

This is "stalking heads" at its best, where you are more hunter than fisher. Taking time to carefully sneak up on feeding fish, a well placed small x-caddis tends to do the trick!

Nymphing is good when the dry fly bite slows. Small copper johns, Jimmy Legs, caddis pupae, etc.. will get the job done when nymphing.

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Crooked River: 231 CFS

The Crooked is fishing good right now. The fish counts are down a bit from the historic numbers of the last few years, but there are still good numbers of fish to be caught. The average size and health of the fish is good and maybe with a little less competition we will see more bigger fish.

The Crooked is predominately a midge fishery right now, but we are starting to see some other hatches too. PMD's, Baetis, and Caddis are starting to hatch in enough numbers to get a few fish looking up. Hopefully soon we will  be getting some good dry fly fishing.

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