Monday, December 17, 2012

Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo Jan. 11-12

We are gonna have a booth at the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo, January 11-12.
Stop by and say hi if you are attending!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fishing Reports


Crooked River

The fishing on the Crooked continues to be great. The PMD hatch is starting to wind down, though Caddis are still available. Look for hatches of BWO's and Midges as well. The water level will drop once irrigation season is over (Mid to late October) The lower water level will consolidate fish even more. The whitefish spawn is another event to look forward to during the late fall and early winter months. Small egg patterns can be very productive during this time.

Deschutes River


Trout fishing is great right now on the Deschutes. Most anglers are targeting steelhead though.
Great dry fly fishing can be had on spent caddis, craneflies, and small baetis. Watch for casual risers in back eddies, along banks, and under the Alders, use stealth tactics when stalking these fish.


Steelhead are present through the whole river. Fishing ranges from slow to good. Good numbers of fish are upriver from Warm Springs to South Junction. Fish are spread out and seem to be podded up through out the rest of the river. Cover lot's of water in your search.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Report


Crooked River:

The Crooked continues to fish well. Hatches of caddis and PMD's provide dry fly action most days.
The fish are in good shape with larger fish to 14" starting to show in our catches!

Deschutes River:


The trout fishing has been good on the Deschutes. Morning and evenings are best for dry fly fishing, but fish can be found mid day as well. Look for lazy "sips" in the shaded back eddies and foam lines. Big fish can leave surprisingly small dimples in the surface as they suck down dead caddis and spinners!

This time of year offers up some of the most technical dry fly fishing of the season on the Deschutes, and is my favorite time to stalk elusive trout! The fish are skittish and opportunities are few. But the reward is often a big, fat "Redside" trout on a dry fly!


There are catch able numbers of steelhead below Macks Canyon now. And fish have been caught all the way up to Trout Creek if you can believe it. People are hypothesizing that fish are moving up the river quicker in search of colder water! Should make for some interesting trout trips for the next month or so up higher as the incidental steelhead hook up is a definite possibility!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Report


Crooked River
218 CFS

The Crooked is fishing great! The fish numbers are huge, expect lots of action. Average size is between 8-13 inches, and the fish are well fed and spunky. Daily hatches of PMD's and caddis provide excellent food for the fish, and hatches for the angler! Caddis are available all day long, and a hatch of PMD's are coming off like clock work between 1 and 3 in the afternoon. High stick the pocket water to find lot's of fish on nymphs, the deeper slots hold the better fish.

The river has been busy with campers and anglers though, but there are plenty of fish to go around.
Watch out for snakes as well, an angler was bit last week. Walk slowly and keep an eye out in the grass and banks along the river.

Deschutes River
4500 CFS

Caddis are out in full force on the warmer days and we have experienced some great fishing of late. Look for subtle rises along the banks, in the foam lines and back eddies, and in the riffles. Rising fish can be found all day but best dry fly fishing has been early and late.

Have a variety of caddis patterns on hand including some soft hackles. A dry-dropper combination can work well with some type of soft hackle or pupae pattern as a dropper. Some of my favorite flies this time of year are Tan and Green X-Caddis, X-2 Caddis, and Sparkle Pupa's in sizes 16-18.

Nymphing is productive during the day as well. Make sure you are on the bottom when nymphing. Caddis Pupa's in green and tan and variety of other small nymphs work this time of year.


Steelhead are at the mouth and being caught in the first 8 miles of the river. Look for August to be good below Macks Canyon. To early to tell how good the run is going to be, but early reports look promising!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Deschutes River

The Deschutes water level has spiked a bit over the last few days as a result of recent rains.
The Salmonfly hatch is over, and the fish are in a  transitional phase. Gorged from the hatch, they are a bit fat and sassy right now... That being said the fish are starting to key in on caddis and you can find fish starting to look up, especially lower in the river where the Salmonfly hatch has been over longer. During a recent multi day trip the caddis bite really improved as we moved down river. The last day and half offered up really superb dry fly fishing on small tan and green caddis patterns. A productive combo was a x-caddis with a soft hackle or sparkle pupae dropper. Fish were caught on the dropper equally as much as on the dry.

Fish have not yet began moving into the back eddies, but any time now they will, in search of dead, spent caddis.  The back eddies, along with the miles and miles of great banks, are another place to get some good dry fly action on the Deschutes during July and August.

Look for the caddis hatch to really ramp up in July, especially during the warmer spells!

Crooked River

The Crooked has settled into it's summer time water level. PMD's and caddis are the food source for trout for the rest of the summer. Hatches of midges, and scuds fill out the menu.

Dry fly fishing is best when shade settles in on the canyon. Early shade can be found in areas with high palisades... Nymphing is productive all day. High stick the pocket water with micro may fly patterns, and green caddis pupae, and small midge patterns. An egg pattern can be deadly as well, though be ready to catch a few white fish!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River, Oregon Fly Fishing Report


Deschutes River:
4800 CFS

The Deschutes River Salmon fly hatch is about over. There are a few bugs around on the upper river. But significant pressure (plus the fact that the fish are gorged) has put most of the fish down. Small hatches of PMD's and PED's, along with Little Yellow Sallies are coming off. Stealth techniques and smaller offerings are one of the keys to fooling the few players you find.

Caddis will become the main food source for trout for the rest of the summer. Good dry fly fishing opportunities are available as well. Nymphing is a stand by during the day and when you can't find risers.

Crooked River:
227 CFS

The water level has dropped over the last week. Fishing has been good, though we are in between hatches. The caddis hatch seems to have ebbed a bit, and I haven't seen any PMD's yet. The Crooked is colder than the Deschutes, and hatches are behind it timing wise for that reason. The PMD hatch on the Crooked is fairly consistent through out the summer, more so than the Deschutes and along with caddis provides great dry fly fishing during the summer.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Crooked River
CFS 246

The Crooked is in great shape. The river is clear, free from algae, and fishing well.
The lack of sustained high water has not created a Nitrogen rich scenario in the river which in the past has resulted in fish kills (gas bubble disease) and a lot of weed growth.

The Grannoms caddis fly is present as are BWO's and PMD mayflies. Dry fly fishing is good on one or all of these bugs during the day.

The average size of fish is up already, I look forward to the rest of the summer. I forecast good fishing throughout with a better than average fish size than years past.

Deschutes River
CFS  5090

The Deschutes water level has spiked a bit in the last 24 hours, but I don't think it will affect the bite much. Salmonflies are out all the way to Warm Springs. Fishing is good on the big bugs up top, crowds are out as well. They current cooler weather will put a damper on the hatch for a day or two, but during weather like this is when we see Green Drakes and PMD's coming off. So fishing is good either way.

Always  make sure you have a few Green Drake patterns in your box during this time of year. A large parachute Adams will work in a pinch, but there are some pretty deadly cripple and parachute Drake patterns that work much better.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


The Crooked River:
Flow 261 CFS

The Crooked is down to a very fish-able level, and barring any heavy spring rains, should stay that way. Look for the Mother's Day Caddis hatch this month (Grannoms) it can be very prolific and provide great dry fly action. Use a hi vis Brown or Black Caddis size 12-14, also there can be Blue Wing Olive and Midge hatches as well, more so on the inclement or overcast days. Nymphing with small micro may fly nymphs, midge pupa, and the such is always productive.

The Deschutes River:
Flow 4800 CFS

The Deschutes is also on the drop, and is fishing well. Salmonflies are starting to emerge in the lower river, and with this warmer weather the hatch should really come on. Look for the next three-four weeks or so to be prime time! Nymphing has been the most productive, as fish are gorging themselves on the ripe stonefly nymphs that are abundant at this time and very active getting ready to hatch! Fish two fly set ups with a large rubber legged brown or black stonefly nymph (sz.4-8)  followed by a small beadhead Hares Ear or PT nymph (sz14-16)
It will take a bit for the trout to take notice of the adult Salmonflies, but once they do, drop the nymph stick, grab the dry fly rod and get ready for some of the best dry fly fishing the Deschutes has to offer!

 Note: Redside Trout spawn in the spring, protect the resource and let them do there thing by watching out for Reds (trout spawning beds). Avoid dropping anchor, fishing, or wading on gravel bars.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Crooked River  74 CFS

The Crooked is low and clear right now. Fishing is good to excellent on the warmer days. Fishing slows down during the cold snaps. The low water consolidates fish, so find the deeper spots and slots and concentrate your efforts there. Hatches of Blue Wing Olives and Midges occur during this month, some dry fly fishing can be had in the early after noon. Use smaller Adams, Griffiths Gnats, Purple Hazes (sz 18-20) Nymphing small micro may fly patterns, Orange Scuds, and Midge Pupas will work when nothings happening up top. Also, Whitefish are still spawning so make sure to have a few egg patterns as well. Adjust your indicator fairly short, and high stick as much as possible!

We offer guided trips on the Crooked all year long, so if your not sure where to go, and could use some pointers on fishing the Crooked give us a call!

Deschutes River  6150 CFS

The Deschutes is running high and cold right now. But if your itching to can, just make sure it is below the reservation, as the river bordering the reservation is closed. Nymphing is most productive this time of year, pretty standard stuff. Try Stonefly patterns in black and brown, with Hare Ears or PTs dropped off. Again Whitefish are on the spawn so small egg patterns will work as well. Later on we will start to see better hatches of BWO's and some March Browns and there can be some good dry fly fishing to be had, usually with the added bonus of having the river to your self.

The Salmonfly Hatch is right around the corner! We are currently booking day and multi day Salmonfly trips starting May 15th.  Book now to secure the best dates!

Oregon Coast Winter Steelhead

The coast rivers are on the drop, look for rivers to get below 6 ft,  with 5ft+/-  to be ideal for fly fishing. There are fish in all the systems right now, and we have already had some good trips over there, but look for Feb, March, and early April to fish best as the bulk of the wild steelhead show up. These fish are much more aggressive and take to the fly much better than the typical hatchery steelhead.

If you are looking for a guided fishing trip on the coast this winter give us a call for the best fishing is still to come!