Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Report

Deschutes River: 4000 CFS

Fishing is good to excellent right now on the Deschutes. The Salmonfly hatch is now a distant memory, and we are in summer mode on the river.

Summer time is Caddis time on the Deschutes! Which means long days and warm evenings spent wet wading, and fishing small dries to sipping trout!

Dry fly fishing opportunities are best early mornings and evenings and all day during the hotter days. When the thermometer hits 90 the caddis blanket the river and get the fish feeding hard!

Other wise look for trout sipping hatching and dead spent bugs in the back eddies, bubble lines, riffles, and shaded areas morning and late. Nymphing mid day is an option when the dry fly bite slows...

When you find a riser, pull over and stalk em' with some stealth and make a well presented cast and more often than not you will be rewarded with a large reside trout.

If you want some more info or need the latest, best fly, or need some other equipment and provisions on your way to the river. Stop into our Deschutes River Fly Shop and Camp near the Warm Springs boat ramp and Mecca Flats and we will point you in the right direction.

If you need someone to show you around and put you on some fish Deschutes River Guided Fly Fishing trips are available!

Crooked River: 254 CFS

Fishing is average at best on the Crooked right now. Unfortunately the most recent fish counts show a major reduction in fish per mile on this small little tailwater. Also, the river is still running a bit on the high side and there is a lot of algae flushing down the river.

With that all said, we have been running a few trips out there and have been able to hook some trout. Fishing should improve as the flows reduce and the river clears of algae. I forecast the river to fish better in July and August. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Crooked River Fly Fishing trips are available year round. If you are new to the sport or looking for a guided fishing trip near Bend and Sunriver, the Crooked is still one of your best options!