Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


Deschutes River: 3910 CFS

Trout - Trout fishing on the upper section of the river is good right now. The cooler weather in July prolonged the caddis hatch later into the summer. During hot spells we are still seeing large hatches of caddis. Dry fly fishing during those times has been good. Cooler weather typically cools off the dry fly bite, but nymphing has been good then.

We always see an better trout bite in September as things start to cool down and the season changes. Hatches of BWO's and Mahogany Dun's can occur, along with caddis. Trout feed more aggressively in the cooler water...

Guide trips are available for the rest of the summer into fall for trout on the Deschutes. Read on for more info on Deschutes River Guide Trips

Steelhead - Steelhead are present in the Lower, lower sections of the Deschutes (First 24 miles) Reports have been spotty, though there are a few fish around to be caught. Look for the fish to start moving up the river in good numbers towards the end of this month and into September. By the end of September fish are spread through out the river.

We always say give yourself a few days and cover lots of water when trying to catch a steelhead on the Deschutes. One of the best ways to do that is take a multi day over night camp trip down the river!

Our flagship trip the 3 or 4 day steelhead float gets you into less pressured waters and covers over 30 to 40 miles in the course of the float. The steelhead that move up the river typically pod up, by covering water and putting some time into it you better your chances of hooking into that fish of a thousand casts!

Typically in a 3 day trip we will have action most days, and get into them good at some point in the float...

Read on or more info on Deschutes River Steelhead Fishing
And for more info on Deschutes River Camp Trips

Crooked River: 304 CFS

Fishing is fair-good right now on the Crooked. The flows have not come down to what is the usual water level for this time of year, which leads me to believe there is some additional demands for water from either the city of Prineville for the Facebook Data Center or something like that.

The algae that was plaguing the river seems to have cleared out a bit. There have been some decent hatches of PMD's and caddis. Some dryfly action can been had then if you know where to look. Other wise it's a nymph show. Small mayfly nymphs, caddis pupas, Copper Johns (Red), and the like will catch fish.

Numbers are down from years past, but there are fish to be caught, and we have been have some good days of late. Crooked River guide trips are our best half day option, and  for those looking to try the sport for the first time. Beginners and/or families welcome!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Reports


Deschutes River: 3760 CFS

The bite was a bit off this past week, most likely a result of the cooler weather and pressure changes from the low pressure system that has been hovering over Oregon.

A heat up is anticipated for the next week which should get the caddis out and wake the bite up a bit. Mornings and mid day seem the best for dry fly fishing.

Nymphing can be productive at any time of the day. This a great time to be out on the river. River traffic is relatively light, fishing pressure as well and the weather, scenery, and camping are outstanding.

We have been hanging out a lot up at the Deschutes River Fly Shop and Camp and have been having some nice evenings fishing after the shop closes.. Warm evenings spent wet wading and fishing to large native trout, it doesn't get much better!

Come check out the camp, fly shop, and store if you are traveling through Portland to Central Oregon or if your headed to the river to fish.

The Deschutes River Fly Shop and camp makes for a great spot to base out of when fishing the Warm Springs area of the Deschutes. We have rental gear, flies, equipment, fishing licenses, boater passes, and tribal permits for sale. You can stock up on ice, beer, and other concessions at our store.

Camp out at our private campground, with manicured lawns, shade, and portable water.
Small RV's and campers are welcome too, as we have 4- 30 AMP
Hook ups for power and water!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Report

Deschutes River: 4000 CFS

Fishing is good to excellent right now on the Deschutes. The Salmonfly hatch is now a distant memory, and we are in summer mode on the river.

Summer time is Caddis time on the Deschutes! Which means long days and warm evenings spent wet wading, and fishing small dries to sipping trout!

Dry fly fishing opportunities are best early mornings and evenings and all day during the hotter days. When the thermometer hits 90 the caddis blanket the river and get the fish feeding hard!

Other wise look for trout sipping hatching and dead spent bugs in the back eddies, bubble lines, riffles, and shaded areas morning and late. Nymphing mid day is an option when the dry fly bite slows...

When you find a riser, pull over and stalk em' with some stealth and make a well presented cast and more often than not you will be rewarded with a large reside trout.

If you want some more info or need the latest, best fly, or need some other equipment and provisions on your way to the river. Stop into our Deschutes River Fly Shop and Camp near the Warm Springs boat ramp and Mecca Flats and we will point you in the right direction.

If you need someone to show you around and put you on some fish Deschutes River Guided Fly Fishing trips are available!

Crooked River: 254 CFS

Fishing is average at best on the Crooked right now. Unfortunately the most recent fish counts show a major reduction in fish per mile on this small little tailwater. Also, the river is still running a bit on the high side and there is a lot of algae flushing down the river.

With that all said, we have been running a few trips out there and have been able to hook some trout. Fishing should improve as the flows reduce and the river clears of algae. I forecast the river to fish better in July and August. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Crooked River Fly Fishing trips are available year round. If you are new to the sport or looking for a guided fishing trip near Bend and Sunriver, the Crooked is still one of your best options!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Deschutes River "Salmonfly" Update

Well the hatch is on the back side now, but fish are still keyed in on the big bugs. Just came off a three day float down to Maupin and we caught fish on Salmonfly dries all way to Dant, from there to Maupin it was pretty slim pickens.

Bug densities are spread out with some areas barren of the big bugs, and other sections still have good numbers. I would say there is another week of action, then things will transition to caddis pretty quick, especially with all this forecasted heat.

Fishing should stay good from now through June and into July for Caddis offering dry fly and nymphing action.

The condition of the fish is excellent, and as the crowds fade with the Salmonfly craze look for them to settle into a normal feeding pattern and be receptive to your dry fly presentation!

Tight Lines-

Monday, May 2, 2016

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports

Deschutes River - 

Well it is about upon us, the annual migration of stonefly nymphs and the hatching of the Salmonfly!
Fly Shops in Maupin are reporting adult bugs in the bushes seen for the first time this weekend. It will not be long now before the hatch has progressed up the river.

We have been fishing the Deschutes a lot already, and fishing has ranged from good to great. Currently there are a lot of steelhead smolts in the river. They can be a bit of a nuisance eating anything, and everything  often beating the Redsides to the punch. They should clear out here shortly as they continue their journey out to sea hopefully to return in 1-2 years as big ol' steelhead!

As I mentioned before the hatch is about to happen, we will be guiding the upper section of the river daily and still have some availability for guide trips. Read on for more info on Deschutes River Guided Fly Fishing Trips. The best fishing happens on the front edge of the hatch, and when we see the most hot, humid days. Really warm weather will speed things up, a cold front or two will prolong the hatch. Typically there is some Salmonfly action to be had through out most of the month.

A few tips about fishing the hatch... don't expect to see rising fish all day long. Fish the big dries even if you are not seeing risers. As long as there are bugs in the bushes the fish know they are around and will feed opportunistically all hatch long.  Fish shorter, heavier leaders to start, but as the hatch progresses lighten up. As the fish start getting pressured, they start getting more selective. Lighter tippets, and smaller flies often are the ticket when this happens. Also have a variety of patterns to try when you are getting refusals or fishing different types of water. I like the big Chubbies in the heavier water and along the deep rip rap, and smaller lower profile patterns like the Clarks Stone and Norms Wood in more placid and calmer waters.
Crooked River -
The Crooked is starting to come into shape as well and is fishing okay. I had a guide trip out there last week and fish were caught, including a few nice ones, though not in the numbers we are used to seeing on this river. The dam operators released lots of water through out the winter, and historically there have been issues with prolonged high water releases. Mainly because the high releases cause too much dissolved oxygen and create gas bubble disease in the fish. The spill way it's self is the culprit. Though I was encouraged with the fishing and quality of fish I saw last week, so stay tuned... May into June sees the hatches of BWO's and the Grannom's or Mother's Day Caddis on the river. Read on for more info on Crooked River Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Monday, March 28, 2016

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report


 Deschutes River Flows - 6200CFS

Trout Fishing is Good on the Deschutes right now! The section of river bordering the Warm Springs Reservation is open year round now! There has been a fair number of people trying this section of river this time of year for the first time, us included. We have been running some trips and like most others are finding that fishing is good!

Nymphing has been most productive with Stonefly nymphs and small bead head droppers. There are March Browns and BWO's coming off, especially on the overcast days.  Purple Haze's, or Small Parachute Adams SZ 16-18 work for the BWO's and Flick's March Brown pattern is a great option for the March Browns.

We have both patterns and more at our Deschutes River Fly Shop up in Warm Springs. Stop on by if you'r in the area and get the latest report and set up with some flies, and any thing else you need for your day on the river! To encourage people to come give the river at shot this time of year We are also running an Early Season Spring Special on Guide Trips from now through the month of April! 

Full day guide trip is $450 for 2 anglers and includes a shore lunch. 
Price for an afternoon half day float is $350! Boaters passes, flies, licenses, etc.. not included

Steelhead and trout start to spawn this time of year so watch out for and stay off any reds, or spawning beds you see. Typically these are found on gravel bars and side channels in the river. If you see fish paired up or multiple fish hanging in shallow area chances are this is a spawning bed, and it's best to fish else where! Spawners as especially susceptable to nymphs and are hungry so if your picking up a bunch of fish that are darker in color, have worn spots or sores on their tails, and/or they look like they have been shooting out eggs from their you know what, again go elsewhere.

Dry fly fishing keeps you away from spawners so if there are fish up top get after them.

If you would like to book a trip feel free to give a call at 541-647-2584 or email us here!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Deschutes River Cabin Rental


Located a mile South of the Warm Springs put in on the Lower Deschutes River and just a few more miles from Mecca Flats. This is the perfect base camp for floating and fishing this section of the Deschutes River.

The 2 bedroom cabin can accommodate up to four people with it's two twin beds, one double bed and a fold out couch.

The fully furnished kitchenette allows you to save on eating out,there is a covered porch with a grill, and refrigerator to keep your beer cold!

Direct TV and DVD for entertainment after your day on the river.

The fly shop and a store are insight, guide trips meet there in the AM. Come stay the night prior to your trip so you are already ready to go in the AM!

Book Now

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter Steelhead Update & Winter Steelhead Guide Trip Specials!!

Oregon Winter Steelhead Update: 2/23/16

Hard to believe it is almost March already. The winter steelhead season is in full swing and fishing has been good on the Oregon Coast when water conditions have been in shape.

 March is it to winter steel heading, what October is to Summer steel heading, meaning it's prime time and the best month to get out there! Water conditions are usually the most consistent, and this is when the bulk of the wild winter steelhead make their way towards the rivers.

 You are looking for most of the coastal rivers to be bewteen 4.5-5.5' on the NOAA gauges . Many techniques can catch these fish, swinging flies is getting more popular along with indicator fishing. Winter Steelhead Guide trips to the Oregon coast are still available.

Winter Steelhead Guide Trips Specials!!
Take advantage of this great deal on guided fishing when you book multiple days. Price 1-2 anglers for a day is $450.00, book two consecutive days for $400.00 per day. Book three consecutive days for $375.00!!!! Use the promo code "Winter Steel" when booking!!