Tuesday, November 2, 2010

G4 Boots with Stream Tread Soles? Plus a short report ;-)

I have been fishing the g4's with Stream Tread soles since mid July. I have tried every form of bolt on cleats and all were inadequate. There is definitely a difference between a review from someones guiding experience versus actually fishing in something, this is an actual fishing review. Last week I was in Jack Hagan's shop (Northwest Flyfishing Outfitters) complaining and volunteering them to his rental fleet. Jack swore up and down that if I put the AlumiBite Star Cleats in I wouldn't miss felt ever again.

So my field test included the lower 15 miles of the Deschutes Monday with flows just under 6000 CFS and near zero visibility. I waded the toughest stuff the river has to offer and finished on the east side of wagon blast. For those of you that fish the lower lower you know this is the worst wade on the river and maybe anywhere. I have to say I was impressed. I tried to fish this exact water the week before with a combination of hard bite stars and cleats. It was a disaster and I honestly pulled out and did not fish while my partners in crime put on a clinic.

So my vote is YEA, with the AlumiBites I might even say they are better than felt with studs if set up with two pucks of cleats. NAY with every other form of cleats (I have tried them all).

On a plus side, the rubber shouldn't delam like the felt is famous for. The aluminum is soft so I imagine at some point the cleats will need to be replaced. All in all I highly recommend the G4's with the cleats...for whatever that's worth.

Oh...the fishing was radical.  I spent the day with Matt McCrary, also from Northwest Flyfishing Outfitters.  All told we hoooked 10 landed 5.  3 of the five were big boy bad ass fish.  Here is a picture of Matt with the biggest fish my guess is 35 or 36 inched.  The bottom fish was the brightest fish and an absolute hotrod.  Love the lower lower in late season.

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