Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deschutes Steelhead Report

The phone hasn't rung in a while so I decided to hit the lower lower with a couple buds of mine who are some serious Steelheaders.  Friday there were two of us and five of them from 1:PM to 5:PM.  Saturday there were three of us and six of them.  Sunday was an O 4 2 kinda morning with a massive storm from that left us having a bar B Q under the trees.  By the time we left on Sunday we were the only humans on the entire river.  So basically Friday was on fire, Saturday a front moved in and slowed things down, Sunday we got blown off the river. 13 fish in two and a half days isn't too shabby

I'm just going to post the three big 'uns.  Some serious slabs all caught inside the 4 mile mark. Two out of three came on dry lines.  I love late October;-)

Expect the river to fish well under 6000 cfs.  If the levels stays right expect bruisers like this for the next month.  See you out there.


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