Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Deschutes River "Salmonfly" Update

Well the hatch is on the back side now, but fish are still keyed in on the big bugs. Just came off a three day float down to Maupin and we caught fish on Salmonfly dries all way to Dant, from there to Maupin it was pretty slim pickens.

Bug densities are spread out with some areas barren of the big bugs, and other sections still have good numbers. I would say there is another week of action, then things will transition to caddis pretty quick, especially with all this forecasted heat.

Fishing should stay good from now through June and into July for Caddis offering dry fly and nymphing action.

The condition of the fish is excellent, and as the crowds fade with the Salmonfly craze look for them to settle into a normal feeding pattern and be receptive to your dry fly presentation!

Tight Lines-

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