Monday, March 28, 2016

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report


 Deschutes River Flows - 6200CFS

Trout Fishing is Good on the Deschutes right now! The section of river bordering the Warm Springs Reservation is open year round now! There has been a fair number of people trying this section of river this time of year for the first time, us included. We have been running some trips and like most others are finding that fishing is good!

Nymphing has been most productive with Stonefly nymphs and small bead head droppers. There are March Browns and BWO's coming off, especially on the overcast days.  Purple Haze's, or Small Parachute Adams SZ 16-18 work for the BWO's and Flick's March Brown pattern is a great option for the March Browns.

We have both patterns and more at our Deschutes River Fly Shop up in Warm Springs. Stop on by if you'r in the area and get the latest report and set up with some flies, and any thing else you need for your day on the river! To encourage people to come give the river at shot this time of year We are also running an Early Season Spring Special on Guide Trips from now through the month of April! 

Full day guide trip is $450 for 2 anglers and includes a shore lunch. 
Price for an afternoon half day float is $350! Boaters passes, flies, licenses, etc.. not included

Steelhead and trout start to spawn this time of year so watch out for and stay off any reds, or spawning beds you see. Typically these are found on gravel bars and side channels in the river. If you see fish paired up or multiple fish hanging in shallow area chances are this is a spawning bed, and it's best to fish else where! Spawners as especially susceptable to nymphs and are hungry so if your picking up a bunch of fish that are darker in color, have worn spots or sores on their tails, and/or they look like they have been shooting out eggs from their you know what, again go elsewhere.

Dry fly fishing keeps you away from spawners so if there are fish up top get after them.

If you would like to book a trip feel free to give a call at 541-647-2584 or email us here!

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