Monday, April 6, 2015

Winter Steelhead Wrap Up - Crooked & Deschutes River Reports

Winter Steelhead:

We are getting towards the end of the winter steelhead season in Oregon. Many of the coast streams close April 1, though there are a few that remain open and can provide some decent fishing through April. The Upper Rogue is another option for the late winter steelhead! Fish do not get into the upper reach of this river until late March and April. Fishing has been good with a mix bag of hatchery and wild steelhead and some good sized fish (especially for the Rogue) have been caught of late! Fishing should hold out for another couple of weeks.

We have some availability still so If you want one last shot at some winter chrome give us a call!! 541-647-2584 For more info on winter steelhead in Oregon read on...

Crooked River: 218 CFS

They recently increased the flows on the Crooked. The fishing is good though, for that was a couple days ago and the fish have settled in. Good hatches of BWO's are happening out there. A little more flow will give those fish some more feeding opportunities and room to grow!

Just check the flows before you head out there and give it a day or two for the fish to adjust if the water level has changed. I don't think there will be much of a release this year and don't expect the water to go much higher this spring. Fishing should be good as a result.

The Crooked River is open year round and we offer full and half day guide trips and classes on the Crooked all year long! Read on for more info on Crooked River Guide Trips!

Deschutes River: 4900 CFS

The Deschutes bordering the reservation is still closed until April 25th this year. The section of river north of the reservation is open year round and offers decent spring trout fishing opportunities.
Hatches of March Browns and BWO's come off, sometimes in good numbers,  providing good dry fly fishing. Nymphing can also be productive with Stonefly nymphs, and small bead heads.

The Salmonfly hatch is right around the corner! The Deschutes River has one of the best Salmonfly hatches in the West. Typically May is prime time to catch this hatch. I am predicting the hatch to come off earlier this season though if we do not get much more precipitation.

Salmonflies and Golden Stoneflies will be the main course. These giant bugs (Up to 2 inches!) provide a protein packed meal for trout who can't help but gorge themselves on this protein feast!

The Salmonfly hatch is the busiest time of year on the river for guides so if you haven't booked your trip yet don't wait too long for you could be out of luck finding a guide. Read on for more info on Deschutes River Guide Trips !

Watch Out for Spawning Rainbow Trout and Spawning Beds or Reds this Time of Year!

Rainbow trout and steelhead spawn in the Spring. Please Stay off of gravel beds and watch out for Reds. Reds are the nests for the eggs and can be identified by gravel that is cleared or cleaned, and an undulating bottom substrate. If you see fish that are paired up in the shallows and on gravel chances are that is a Red, and they are spawning. Give them a wide berth, and by no means try and catch them. We want to let them do there thing so we can continue to have healthy self sustaining wild fisheries!

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