Monday, July 23, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Report


Crooked River
218 CFS

The Crooked is fishing great! The fish numbers are huge, expect lots of action. Average size is between 8-13 inches, and the fish are well fed and spunky. Daily hatches of PMD's and caddis provide excellent food for the fish, and hatches for the angler! Caddis are available all day long, and a hatch of PMD's are coming off like clock work between 1 and 3 in the afternoon. High stick the pocket water to find lot's of fish on nymphs, the deeper slots hold the better fish.

The river has been busy with campers and anglers though, but there are plenty of fish to go around.
Watch out for snakes as well, an angler was bit last week. Walk slowly and keep an eye out in the grass and banks along the river.

Deschutes River
4500 CFS

Caddis are out in full force on the warmer days and we have experienced some great fishing of late. Look for subtle rises along the banks, in the foam lines and back eddies, and in the riffles. Rising fish can be found all day but best dry fly fishing has been early and late.

Have a variety of caddis patterns on hand including some soft hackles. A dry-dropper combination can work well with some type of soft hackle or pupae pattern as a dropper. Some of my favorite flies this time of year are Tan and Green X-Caddis, X-2 Caddis, and Sparkle Pupa's in sizes 16-18.

Nymphing is productive during the day as well. Make sure you are on the bottom when nymphing. Caddis Pupa's in green and tan and variety of other small nymphs work this time of year.


Steelhead are at the mouth and being caught in the first 8 miles of the river. Look for August to be good below Macks Canyon. To early to tell how good the run is going to be, but early reports look promising!

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