Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report -5/3/10

The Deschutes 2010 Season has officially begone. The section of river bordering Warm Springs Reservation opened up to fishing April, 24th. Though sections of the Deschutes are open year round the April opening date signals the beginning of the season for many. We are currently experiencing our spring high water period. The watermasters need to make room in the reservoirs for the snow melt, they release water into the Deschutes and Crooked Rivers to do so. One benefit of dam released events versus traditional run off is that you will usually have good water clarity. Fishing in high water is entirely possible, and potentially productive.  Focus in on slower water and seams where fish can escape the heavy flows. Fish fairly long leaders and use split shot. Traditional stone fly nymphs and small droppers work well. Some erratic dry fly hatches can come off this time of year. Look for March Browns, Mahogany Duns,  BWO's, and Caddis to be present.

Redside Trout and Steelhead are Spawning in the River Right Now! Stay off of the gravel beds, don't drop anchor in areas you suspect spawning activity. There are also a lot of steelhead smolts in the river. If you are catching  fin clipped fish they are smolts. Very your tactics and the type of water you fish if you are finding them on a regular basis!

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