Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crooked River Fly Fishing Report


Don't call it a come back, or... maybe you should for the Crooked is fishing well!

After a high water event a few years ago caused rampant gas bubble disease, and a major fish kill, the population of wild Redband trout has rebounded quiet successfully.

The whitefish population seems to be in check, (which was not the case over the last few years) with the catch being more trout than whities. The whitefish are spawning right now so look to fish small egg patterns, or even orange scuds, with a micro mayfly or midge dropper.  Fish can be taken on top with small (18-20) Blue Wing Olive and midge patterns.

River Borne Outfitters has recently acquired a permit to guide on the Crooked, and we are now offering half and full day walk in trips on the Crooked River all year round!

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