Saturday, June 9, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River, Oregon Fly Fishing Report


Deschutes River:
4800 CFS

The Deschutes River Salmon fly hatch is about over. There are a few bugs around on the upper river. But significant pressure (plus the fact that the fish are gorged) has put most of the fish down. Small hatches of PMD's and PED's, along with Little Yellow Sallies are coming off. Stealth techniques and smaller offerings are one of the keys to fooling the few players you find.

Caddis will become the main food source for trout for the rest of the summer. Good dry fly fishing opportunities are available as well. Nymphing is a stand by during the day and when you can't find risers.

Crooked River:
227 CFS

The water level has dropped over the last week. Fishing has been good, though we are in between hatches. The caddis hatch seems to have ebbed a bit, and I haven't seen any PMD's yet. The Crooked is colder than the Deschutes, and hatches are behind it timing wise for that reason. The PMD hatch on the Crooked is fairly consistent through out the summer, more so than the Deschutes and along with caddis provides great dry fly fishing during the summer.

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