Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deschutes and Crooked River Fly Fishing Reports


The Crooked River:
Flow 261 CFS

The Crooked is down to a very fish-able level, and barring any heavy spring rains, should stay that way. Look for the Mother's Day Caddis hatch this month (Grannoms) it can be very prolific and provide great dry fly action. Use a hi vis Brown or Black Caddis size 12-14, also there can be Blue Wing Olive and Midge hatches as well, more so on the inclement or overcast days. Nymphing with small micro may fly nymphs, midge pupa, and the such is always productive.

The Deschutes River:
Flow 4800 CFS

The Deschutes is also on the drop, and is fishing well. Salmonflies are starting to emerge in the lower river, and with this warmer weather the hatch should really come on. Look for the next three-four weeks or so to be prime time! Nymphing has been the most productive, as fish are gorging themselves on the ripe stonefly nymphs that are abundant at this time and very active getting ready to hatch! Fish two fly set ups with a large rubber legged brown or black stonefly nymph (sz.4-8)  followed by a small beadhead Hares Ear or PT nymph (sz14-16)
It will take a bit for the trout to take notice of the adult Salmonflies, but once they do, drop the nymph stick, grab the dry fly rod and get ready for some of the best dry fly fishing the Deschutes has to offer!

 Note: Redside Trout spawn in the spring, protect the resource and let them do there thing by watching out for Reds (trout spawning beds). Avoid dropping anchor, fishing, or wading on gravel bars.

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