Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warm Springs to Trout Creek Report

Deschutes salmonfly action is in full swing and the fish are eagerly attacking anything that resembles a salmonfly when presented the right way in the right water.  Don't let the higher than average water levels be a deterant, you just may need to adjust a bit on some of your favorite spots as they may be deeper and less accessible than normal.  We are starting to see the switch to Goldens but fish are still taking adult salmonfly patterns; have both in your arsenal.  Be sure you are fishing 3x or heavier tippet as these fish are violent on the strike and often times will take you on a long powerful run once hooked; they are not leader shy!  As usual fishing is more successfull in the harder to reach places that we so kindly refer to as 'jungle water'!  Don't be in a hurry to race to the likely spots, fish are feeding all over the river so venture out to spots you may not normally fish as you may be pleasantly surprised.  Be sure to switch your patterns regularly if you are not getting activity as this can often be the difference between fishing and catching!  If nymphing is your thing it too is extremely productive right now with stonefly patterns rolled along the bottom of the riffles and typical nymph water.  You will want a little more weight than normal as the higher flows have the river moving along at a pretty good pace.  In terms of where to go, you will find active fish in all stretches of water from Maupin to Warm Springs.  Right now is that magic time of year that we get to pitch two inch long dry flys at the most aggressive fish of the year.  Leave the yard work for later in the month, this doesn't last forever!

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