Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Deschutes Steelhead Report

Every year we float Macks Canyon to Heritage on the 4th of July with close friends.  About every other year we hit chrome.  Ordinarily I expect to catch Steelhead.  This day was different.  We show up at Mack's to an empty campground and parking lot.  On the 20 mile drive down the lower access road we saw one drift boat and only a few campers.  It was 90 degrees in the canyon and the sun was high in the sky.  We are late and our friends John and Michelle have put on ahead of us.  No big deal I can guess where his boat is parked, probably on one of the most productive pieces of steelhead water on planet earth.  Pretty good guess, we didn't have to float long to find our friends.  I gave John some trouble for his errant casting which showed the lay-off for trout fishing since late April.  A couple hundred feet down the run I notice that John is wading pretty deep, the river must still be up a bit and this is an ugly wade.  The run comes to a standard uneventful July ending so we move on.  At this point we have already settled into racing down to wagonblast or some other piece of carnival water.  The next run down gives up fish, but rarely.  John decided to stay in the boat with his dry line so I head up with my faithful friend RB Meiser.  As I reach my destination I notice John coming up, apparently he can't stand the idea on not getting his ass kicked in July.  Dry lines first...three casts in and John is well into his backing with a fish breaking water down and clear across the river...this fish COULD GO ALL THE WAY!.  Luckily this fish was worked back to the pool where he was measured, photoed and released.

July is my favorite month of the year to fish.  The crowds are light, the weather is fantastic, and every run and camp is available.  We are now booking Summer Steelhead on the lower 24 miles of the Deschutes River.  We hope you can join us this year.  Please call 541-647-2584 to book a trip or check us out www.riverborneoutfitters.com.



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