Monday, October 5, 2009

Deschutes River Fishing Report 10/5/09

Just finished taking a weekend off with a couple pals celebrating somebodies 40th birthday.  Fishing was incredible.  Hooked many fish despite the extreme windstorm that left the Deschutes River Canyon blocked in by a cloud of dust.  Water temps were hovering around 55 degrees and the air temp was in the 60's most of the weekend.  For those who could bare the wind there were some very grabby fish around.  Total encounters of the fishy kind was well into the thirties with three guys fishing.  With the cloud cover we fished dry lines most of the time.  The Chinook above came courtesy of the The Lady Caroline on a dry line swing.  Fishing was so good we didn't leave the canyon until dark.  We still have a couple opening in October and hope you can make it down this season.


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