Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Deschutes River Steelhead Report 9-23-09

Hi all.  Just got done with a 6 day tour on the lower river.  Conditions varied by the day.  Fishing was solid given the constantly changing visibility and record anglers below Mack's Canyon.  The White River continues to wreak havoc on fly fisherman.  Knowing where there are always fish is a big help when visibilty is low.  We found fish each day some more than others.  Dry lines were effective in the mornings and evenings and we found fish mid day with sink tips.  Fishing from a sled helped us focus in on open water either in front of or in back of the crowds.  I expect lot's of traffic this year given the record returns  As of Tuesday the river has cleared to about 3 feet of visibility.  Looking forward to an outstanding fall on the upper and lower Deschutes.  We look forward to fishing with you this fall.


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